Lick’n’Snack Ball

Lick’n’Snack Ball


Keep your pup entertained with this lick n snack ball. Pop some treats in the slots and smear with what ever your dog loves.

This Lick’n’Snack Ball suctions to all smoother surfaces such as glass, bath and smooth floors.

There is no reason why you could not use this for product for your cat.

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  • Licking calms your pet and provides quiet periods
  • Low intake of snacks in long, drawn-out period of activity
  • Can be filled with larger treats
  • Lateral grooves optimal for e.g. pâté, peanut butter
  • For attaching to smooth surfaces
  • Easy to mount with suction pad
  • Plastic/TPR
  • Measurements: ø 8/12 cm × 13 cm