Rabbit Ears

100% air dried NZ wild rabbit ears.

Perfect for keeping teeth clean and jaws strong. The fur on the ears works to clean the intestinal tract as it passes through.

They are highly nutritious for dogs and cats as they are high in protein which is excellent for maintaining healthy muscles, hair and skin, as well as many other bodily functions.

Rabbit ears can be given to puppies from four months of age. This is the age which they begin losing their puppy teeth and replacing them with their adult teeth. Chewing the rabbit ears is an excellent way of soothing those itchy gums, and your puppy will be very grateful for them!

Dogs love these PURE treats!

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Health benefits include:

Natural De-Wormer
Could help reduce worm count.

Anal Glad Health
Fur-on rabbit ears help firm up stools which helps keep anal glands in good order.

Many dogs with allergies tolerate rabbit protein.


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