Radical Dog Biscuits | 400g pack

Radical Dog Biscuits | 400g pack


Feed your pooch the very best with these premium, all-natural dog biscuits. Packed full of Montmorency tart cherries, these bite-sized morsels will give your dog a boost of health and energy.

Radical Dog biscuits are ideal as a treat, supplement or full feed for your dog.


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These all-natural dog biscuits have been tested by Massey University’s Institute of Food Nutrition and Human Health and are approved to AAFCO International Animal Food Standards to be a fully balanced dog food. Tests show that Radical Dog contains a high level of antioxidants with excellent free radical scavenging abilities as measured by ORAC and DPPH methods.

Radical Dog biscuits can be fed in conjunction with your dog’s standard diet, whole or broken, or added to wet food.

Clean water should always be available for your dog. As a general rule, feed one biscuit for every 4-5kg of body weight.