Smoked Venison Ears

Smoked Venison Ears


Indulge your canine companion with our Premium Smoked Venison Ear Dog Treats, sourced from the pristine, free-range animals of New Zealand. These treats are more than just a delight for your dog’s taste buds; they are a wholesome, natural choice, tailored to meet your pet’s cravings and nutritional needs.

Key Features:

Pure New Zealand Goodness: Crafted from 100% pure New Zealand venison, our treats are free from artificial additives and preservatives, ensuring your dog enjoys the purest flavors of nature.

Healthy Delights: Low in fat and calories, these venison ear treats make for a guilt-free reward, allowing your dog to relish each bite while maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Reward with Purpose: Perfect as a reward during training sessions or simply to express your affection, these treats are a symbol of love, care, and the joy of companionship.

Dental Wellness: Chewing on these treats aids in dental health by reducing plaque and tartar, ensuring your dog’s oral hygiene is as impeccable as their taste for our venison delights.

Tailored for Sensitivities: Ideal for dogs with intolerances to beef and pork, our venison ear treats offer a delectable alternative, allowing every dog to savor the rich flavors without worry.

Treat your loyal companion to the epitome of natural indulgence. With our Premium Smoked Venison Ear Dog Treats, you’re not just giving a snack – you’re providing a taste of New Zealand’s untamed wilderness. Embrace the joy of giving with a treat that embodies the essence of pure, unbridled happiness. Order now and witness the sheer delight in your dog’s eyes!

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