Variety Meat Box | Medium – 7 Meats

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PMD = Prey Model Diet products
C = Classic meats range
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Beef 1.2KG
Beef Heart, Cheek & Tongue 1.2Kg
Beef Supreme 1.2Kg
Bone Broth 2 x 500ml
Chicken & Liver 1.2Kg
Chicken with Fruit & Vegetables 1.2Kg
Chunky Lambs Green Tripe 1.2Kg
Goat 1Kg
Hare 1Kg
Hoki & Chicken 1.2Kg
Minced Lambs Green Tripe 1Kg
Pet Goat Milk - 2 x 500ml
Possum 1Kg
Possum & Duck 1Kg
Rabbit & Chicken 1Kg
Possum, Venison & Goat 1Kg
Rabbit & Goat 1Kg
Rabbit 1Kg (Limit 2 per order)
Rabbit, Venison, Kangaroo & Tripe 1kg
Salmon & Lamb 1Kg
Salmon 1.2Kg
Turkey 1Kg
Venison & Chicken 1Kg
Venison 1Kg
Venison Back Steak Slices 800g
Wallaby 1Kg
Bone In Possum Pieces 800g
Chicken Necks 1Kg
Goat Chunks Bone in 1Kg
Meaty Goat Necks 1Kg
Meaty Wallaby Bones 800g
Possum Back Steak Nuggets 800g
Veal Chunks 1.2Kg
Venison Neck Chop 1Kg
Whole Pilchards 1Kg
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